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Friday 28 August 2015


It is that time of year again where students all across the world start to experience the "back to school" dread. It has been over 6 years now since I left full time education yet despite that I still find myself getting the new stationery urges every single August/September. 

In an attempt to try and curb my stationary lust I thought it might be beneficial for those students or fellow stationery lovers out there to pull together some of my current favourite stationery supplies.

1. Hello Beautiful large canvas pouch - This is not designed or intended to be used as a pencil case but I don't know about you guys but I always ended up squeezing in all my bits and bobs into the smallest pencil case known to man. Use a pouch like this instead and not only will you be able to have everything in one place but this would look gorgeous on any desk.

2. This & That marble notebook - Notebooks are an absolute essential for any individual not matter what subject you study. As for the design of this one, well I just cannot say no to this marble and gold typography number from The Paper Bunny, it's everything I could want in a notebook to be honest.

3. Black gel pens - These are such a little throw back item for me but I genuinely have been repurchasing these specific pens for years now! I am one of those wierdos that only likes to write in  black ink and gel pens have always been a firm favourite.

4. Lady Boss pencils - From the same company that made my beloved "Paris is always a good idea" pencils come these super cute Lady Boss pencils. There is nothing like a positive affirmation to get you into the right headspace and having them on your stationery is just a bonus.

5. Stripe gold washi tape - All I am going to say on this one is thank God washi tape was not around when I was a student otherwise my entire art journals would have been covered in the stuff. If you are currently a student I couldn't recommend picking some up some of the stuff any more, there is just so many uses for it.

6. Kate Spade paperclips - Perhaps a tad unnecessary to spend over £10 on some paperclips but we all know my love for the Kate Spade stationery knows no bounds. Plus, I bet you would be ten times more careful with your notes and coursework if you had these paperclips attached to them.

7. Kate Spade 17 month agenda - A student agenda is an absolute must but why settle for a plain old journal when you can have something as beautiful as this? I wrote a full review on this product last month so if you would like to read more on that just click here.

After rounding up all these gorgeous stationery products I am actually jealous that I have zero cause to purchase any of them. Saying that though, we both know that marble notebook will be coming home with me at some point.  


  1. Wow! Such a gorgeous round up <3 I'm worried for my bank account after seeing this :/

  2. I just bought myself the Kate Spade planner and I'm already obsessed! I've never been a big agenda person but I'm determined that this year will be different! Great round up :)

    Sophie | Dreams and Colour Schemes


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