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Friday 21 August 2015


I am so excited to share this post with you! One of my favourite companies, Bloom & Wild have teamed up with the infamous Kilner to create this summer garden party in a box called The Lemon Aid Kit. It is clear to see that I am a huge fan of a glass of refreshing still lemonade and based upon your response to my peach lemonade recipe I think it is fair to assume that you guys do too.   

The weather hasn't been too kind to us here in Britain over the past few weeks. However as a true honorary Brit I am well versed in ceasing the moment and throwing together a last minute garden party in an attempt to absorb as much summer and vitamin D as possible. With the help of Bloom & Wild's Lemon Aid Kit* I was ready to strike as soon as that rare spot of sunshine burst through my windows and got straight to enjoying a glass of ice cold lemonade. 

The kit itself is limited edition and will only be available for one week, therefore if you want to get your hands on it I suggest you strike while the iron is hot and pick one up for just £25. 

The kit includes:
2 Kilner handled jars, 1 Kilner muslin cloth, 3 unwaxed lemons, 1 bottle of Elderbrook cordial, 1 pink crepe streamer & 2 pink and white paper straws. 

The only additional thing that was needed to whip up some fresh lemonade was some cold water and a little bit of castor sugar, a staple in most households. Below I have included the delicious lemonade recipe for you to try and even decided to make some cute little crepe paper peonies to decorate.


Unlike a usual lemonade recipes this one requires no cooking what so ever and by using the entire lemons you will get ten time more flavour and nutrients! 

3 unwaxed lemons, 140g castor sugar, 1L of water, muslin cloth & a blender.
(I use the Breville Blend-Active) 

1. Start by roughly chopping your lemons, peel and all! 
2. Throw the chopped up lemons into a blender along with all of the sugar and 1/2 a litre of water. 
3. Blend for roughly a minute or until as smooth as possible. 
4. Grab a jug and cover with a muslin cloth, feel free to use a sieve as well if you have one. 
5. Slowly pour the lemonade through the muslin cloth/sieve until you are left with just the pulp.
6. Ensure you get as much lemonade as possible by wringing out the pulp through the cloth. 
7. Simply top up your jug of lemonade with the remaining 1/2 a litre of water and fill with ice. 
8. Taste and then add more water if required to your personal taste.  

Take this basic lemonade recipe to the next level by adding in a small amount of the raspberry, cranberry and blueberry cordial from Elderbrook. Mixed with the lemonade I can only really describe the taste as liquid Fruit Pastels and quite easily one of the yummiest drinks I have had in a long time! 


Crepe paper streamer's are a great thing to have when it comes to garden parties, whether you use them in the traditional sense by pinning them around like bunting or feel like trying something new with this simple crepe paper peony tutorial. 

Crepe streamer, wire & scissors. 

1. Start by cutting your crepe paper to roughly 80cm in length. 
2. Now all you need to do is start folding the crepe paper in on itself. 
3. Once you have the first fold make sure you pinch the bottom and create a base.
4. To start creating your petals pull round more streamer, pinching at the bottom as you go. 
5. To create an organic looking flower make sure to vary the amount of paper you add each time. 
6. Once you reach the end of the streamer you should have something that resembles a flower. 
7. Finish by wrapping a small amount of wire around the base and the leave a 'stem'. 

Once finished you can now attach your crepe paper flowers to anything, whether that be drinks, chairs or even go all out and create an entire bouquet of them! They can be a little tricky at first but persist and you shall quickly get the hang of them. 

Here's to hoping that we see a little more sunshine this week and that I have the opportunity to get my Lemon Aid Kit out again. Perhaps even take a moment to lean back, relax and enjoy a lovely summers evening sipping on ice cold lemonade with a scattering of crepe paper peonies for good measure.

Has all of this talk of freshly made lemonade got you craving some for yourself or do you have a friend that would love to receive this as a gift? If so make sure you add the code LEMONLEN5 at the checkout to receive £5 off your order. Don't forget, this product is limited edition for the Bank holiday weekend so now is the perfect time to snap it up! 

This post is sponsored by Bloom & Wild however all thought's and opinions are my own. 
Bloom and Wild

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