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Tuesday 25 August 2015


I have been meaning to start a series of personal blog post's for quite some time now. Despite my blog primarily being somewhere to share my latest loves and creations with the world, it is also a space for me to pour out the inner workings of my brain and hopefully let you guys get to know the girl behind the blog a little bit more along the way. 

Since turning 25 years old less than a month ago my life has taken some strange paths. I have done several things that scare me, things that some people would completely take for granted. Things that before I would off just brushed off in the hope that I just wouldn't have to deal with them and could go ahead with my life avoiding the certain road bumps. 

First of all I actually booked an appointment with my GP (who I have an irrational fear of by the way) regarding the pain that I have been experiencing in my right leg over the past few months. Turns out I have sciatica just as expected and now have a box full of painkillers and a date with the physiotherapist early next month to look forward too. My leg still causes me grief from time to time but I am definitely on the road to recovery and that makes me one very happy lady. 

Secondly I met up with a some family members that I had not seen since I was around the age of 9 years old. Since both of my parents passed away when I was a young child I had pretty much zero contact with 90% of my relatives so going to meet up with essentially strangers who are in fact your aunt and cousin is actually pretty terrifying. I'm not the best when it comes to meeting new people in the first place and obviously talking about family life is not my favourite past time so it was a pretty huge deal for me to get in the car and make the journey to their house. All in all it was a wonderful afternoon and I genuinely look forward to seeing them again and slowly but surely rebuilding a part of my broken family. 

This month has also seen me work with one of my favourite brands right here on this blog. I never in my wildest dreams anticipated that when I started writing this blog that anyone other than myself and perhaps a few friends would even read it let alone work with me on such a level. After 2 and half years of rustling up various recipes and embarking on countless DIY projects I feel that I am at a place where I am actually super proud of this little space on the internet that I have created, being able to work with brands and make a little bit of extra cash to put back into my blog is a blessing. 

Last but by no means least this is also the month that I went and landed myself a part time job at one of my favourite cosmetic companies, Lush! You know how it is, the interview goes really well but a part of you still prepares yourself for disappointment so you can just imagine my shock when I received the email congratulating me on getting the job! I seriously cannot wait to start training and getting to grips with all of the amazing products. Another positive is that I now a genuine excuse for my excessive bath bomb hoarding, hurrah! 

Oh yeah, and just incase I was getting far too comfortable and happy in my 25 year old life the cosmos tried to knock me down a peg or two by shattering one of my living room windows on Saturday morning dropping a nice £200 replacement bill into my lap. Not ideal but hey, we can't have it all and overall I am still the happiest I have been in a long time and it is all a result of taking risks and putting myself out there. 

Next month see's the start of my training at Lush, a date night with Florence & The Machine and even a little weekend seaside trip with the boyfriend and his parents to check out their new caravan. Oh yeah, and the Rugby World Cup so I will probably be spending a lot more time in my office leaving the boy to take over the living room and shout profanities at the television. 

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