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Tuesday 18 August 2015



However much I enjoy working on a DIY project for a long period of time and the satisfaction that you feel once you complete it, sometimes you just need a quick fix and today's post is a prime example of that. 

Long term readers may remember when I featured my clipboard wall and how much I loved to use them to display postcards, business cards, photographs and anything I wanted to hand really. Well, since then I have had a bit of a makeover in my office space and no longer have a place to display them. I had also become a tad bored of the patterns and fancied a refresh. Cue me madly going through my craft supplies to see what I could find to give the clipboards a new lease of life. 

Initially I was going to use washi tape to cover the clipboards but then I remembered that it's actually terrible at covering something that is dark coloured or heavily patterned. However, I had recently discovered that Ducktape now made a range of coloured/patterned tapes and unlike washi tape this stuff is completely opaque meaning that I could technically cover what ever the hell I wanted with it! Being that this product is made by Ducktape it is also a lot stronger than your traditional patterned tape therefore would hold up better over time which is always a bonus.

I used the Mini Duct Tape Mod Dot to cover my clipboard and it was as simple as cutting the tape to size and then evenly covering the clipboard until you could no longer see any of the original pattern. I still have 3 clipboards in my drawers waiting to receive the same treatment but I think a little tape haul may need to happen before then. Until then I have my new and improved clipboard in pride of place on my new shelving right above my desk.

If you like the look of the other items on my shelving you can check out my hand painted cacti pots here and you can pick up my beloved gold pineapple from Urban Outfitters. 

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