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Friday 14 August 2015


This is one of those DIY projects that I had no idea what the final product would end up looking like. One of my close friends brought me a selection of craft supplies for my birthday and amongst them was a large 3D cardboard initial. At first glance I thought I would just simply paint it or something and use it as decorative item but there was one problem, the J didn't actually stand up on its own.

After a spot of debate and deliberation I decided that the only way I was actually going to be able to use the letter and it actually still look like a J would be to hang it on my wall. From there I somehow ended up deciding that I wanted to create a 3D floral letter... as you do. 


1. Start by taking your cardboard letter and a scalpel and carefully cutting off the top layer of cardboard. Make sure you do this on a suitable surface or preferably a cutting mat. Go around the entire letter and remove the cardboard and any from the interior of the letter. Once you have a hollow letter give it a quick coat of white acrylic paint, nobody wants to see cardboard!

2. Once your letter is fully dried you can start cutting up your oasis foam block, I used a kitchen knife to  do this and cut it almost as if it was cheese. To ensure as snug a fit as possible I lightly drew around my shape onto the oasis and then filled in any gaps with small scraps of oasis. Once the letter is filled make sure that the oasis pieces are all even and are not taller than your cardboard initial.

3. Now before we get to the fun bit you need to attach a small D ring to the back of your letter if you intend to hang it on a door/wall. If you have an initial with a flat base and fancy balancing your letter on a shelf you can skip this step. To attach the D ring I just used a little hot glue as the whole thing is really light doesn't require any screws or nails.

 4. Now that the base is complete it is time to start filling your letter with flowers! I chose to use fake flowers but you could easily do this with real flowers too if you remember to keep dampening the oasis. I chose a mixture of colours and sizes for mine as I wanted an almost garden flower bed vibe and the smaller flowers allow you to fill and gaps and disguise and sneaky cardboard that may be making an appearance.

Since making this I have found a few variations of use. I intend to hang it on my wall just as a decorative item but I have also been thinking that it would look adorable on a little girls bedroom door or you could go all out and spell out a whole name for a wedding or event!

I really love the way that this project came out and I am not going to lie to you all, I totally want my whole name in floral letters hung across my workspace wall now. Overkill perhaps? 

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