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Friday 4 September 2015


Long before starting my own blog back in 2012 I religiously read all sorts of blogs and have been doing so for years. Back in the day I had a little folder in my menu bar where I would regularly check through the blogs to see if they had any new posts. Move into 2015 and manually checking blogs for new content is a thing of the past thanks to reader sites such as Bloglovin.

It is clear to see from a quick glance at my saved post's on my Bloglovin profile which bloggers are my reoccurring favourites, those that write post's that I end up going back to time after time. With that in mind I thought it would be fun to follow up on my "5 to follow" series and share my top 5 to follow on Bloglovin.

1. From Roses - I had to put From Roses right at the top as Rebecca is the creator of what is quite probably my all time favourite blog. From all things lifestyle, fashion, beauty to blogging tips her style of writing is incredibly charming and her photography is to die for. I specifically love her post's on Barely There Lips and The Things That Inspire Me To Blog.

2. Burkatron - Caroline from Burkatron is actually the lady that inspired me to start this blog right here. Up until coming across her blog I felt that all the great DIY blogs where located in the USA or some swanky studios in London. Seeing someone from my hometown create all these amazing things and share them on the internet gave me the kick up the ass to try my hand it for myself. Note worthy posts are DIY: Succulent Gift Box and Nails: Marble Effect Nail Art.

3. Gh0stparties - To me Kate from Gh0stparties is the queen of home interior inspiration. With her Pinterest worthy home decor and adorable cat Mouse her blog is always a great source of home decor inspiration and she also has impeccable taste in beauty products to top it off. I mean, just look at that Bathroom Makeover: Before & After and her tips on 5 Things: Buying Your First Home.

4. ISPYDIY - This is the most recent addition to my blog roll and one that I truly don't know how I missed out on for so long! Jenni shares some of the best DIY projects on the internet in my opinion and she's absolutely hilarious on Snapchat! Make sure you check out My DIY: Neon Letter Light and her beautiful I Spy DIY Apartment Tour.

5. A Beautiful Mess - Elise & Emma are the faces behind the A Beautiful Mess blog, easily my longest running read out of the lot. For years now these girls have inspired my to try lots of new recipes as well as given me the balls to experiment with colour in my home. You must read Studio Tour: Elsie's Office and Try This: Marble Tile Magnets.

There we have it, my round up of the top 5 to follow on Bloglovin! Are any of these your favourites? I would love to know who your favourite blog reads are so pop them down below if they are not featured above.
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