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Friday 11 September 2015



I think the fact that I have actually taken the time out of my daily schedule to customise a storage box just goes to show that I have hit an all time low of boring adultness. However, living in my 2 bedroom apartment with very little built n storage for nearly 7 years now has taught me a thing or two. That is that pretty storage is a necessity unless I want every unknown cable, partially used battery or screwdriver I got in a Christmas cracker out on display. 

However necessary storage may be we can be very limited to what's readily available to us in general stores. I'm talking the large plastic storage boxes which are great for making my affectionally named "cupboard of death" (think Monica from Friends) or the underneath my bed look like it's in reasonable order but other than that options can be pretty limited. 

Fortunately for me my inner hoarder never let's me throw away a GlossyBox as they are the perfect size for storing away all my odds on sods that I do not want to display. Unfortunately baby pink really isn't my cup of tea and then it dawned on me that I had a huge roll of marble contact paper waiting to be loved and to be turned into marble storage boxes! 

A sturdy box, marble contact paper, scissors and a pencil. 

 Start off by tracing around the lid of the storage box onto your contact paper, then measure around the box about twice the size of the lid. For example the height of my lid was 2cm, so I measured and cut around the box 4cm from the lid on each side. 

Since the lid of my box was quite shallow simply doubling the height worked, however for the bottom half of the box just measure it and then add an extra 4cm otherwise you will waste a lot of contact paper. Now that you have traced around your box and cut the contact paper to size you need to create tabs to wrap around the corner of the lid. 

 To create the tabs you need to draw 3 lines at each corner, a diagonal line, a horizontal line and a vertical line. The vertical should continue from the traced line, the diagonal should run from the corner point and the horizontal from half way along the diagonal line towards the edge. 

Next up you need to cut out your tabs, make sure that the opposite ends of the contact paper are mirror images of each other. This will help to ensure a cleaner, neater corner at the end. Now for the fun part. Peel the backing off the paper and lie it face down. Press the top of the lid into the centre of the contact paper, making sure that the corners of the box line up with the inner corners on the paper. 

Fold the sides of adhesive contact paper with the tabs straight up and then smooth it over to stick firmly to the lid, then fold the tabs over each corner. Continue by folding up the other sides, this will cover the tabs and leave you with a nice, clean corner. 

To fold the excess over the edges cut a slit down each corner and then fold each side over, lid complete. Repeat with the bottom of the box and your transformation is complete. 


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