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Tuesday 8 September 2015


A year or so ago on one of my many scouts around the local charity shops I stumbled across a vintage flower press, something I had not seen since the early 90s! I remembered having one as a child and pillaging our back garden of any coloured flowers I could find and therefor couldn't help but purchase the flower press purely for nostalgias sake.

When I first purchased the flower press it actually came with a few flowers that had been left inside which I decided to display in some clear glass picture frames (click here) but since redecorating my workspace I haven't found a new home for the frames just yet.

 12 months or so later when I was cleaning out my craft supplies I came across the press again and decided to pop in a few flowers that I had from a wilting bouquet. As is the nature of these things, I put it all back together and in a draw it went not to be seen for a few more weeks. The other day I re-found my flower press and remembered that I had in fact put flowers in it this time and couldn't wait to see the finished results.

Now I had a handful of beautifully pressed flowers but no idea what to actually do with them?! I recall as a child laminating them to create bookmarks but I very rarely read books these days so that idea would be useless, I don't even currently own a laminator. I had tried the whole displaying them on a wall thing and despite loving them, grew tired of them after time. With that in mind I decided that perhaps a one use project would be best for my little pressed flowers.

With the mass of birthdays and obligatory gift giving that is Christmas (I know, I'm sorry!), not so far in distant future I thought I would try my hand at turning my beautiful pressed flowers into gift tags!

A flower press, fresh flowers, blank gift tags, PVA glue, a toothpick and tweezers. 

The process of creating your pressed flowers could not any be simpler. All you need to do is get your paws on a flower press, I recommend searching your local charity shops or eBay, and some fresh flowers. Once you have these items simply place your flowers in between some card and blotting paper which should come with your press and leave them to dry out for at least a week.

To attach your pressed flowers to a gift tag take a toothpick and a small amount of PVA glue and evenly dot a small amount of glue on each part of the flower. Use tweezers to help you manipulate and place the flower into position and then leave to dry over night.

The next morning you are left with a beautiful handmade gift tag that would pop a smile on any recipients face.  A super cute and easy way of sharing my pressed flower love with others! 

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