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Friday 25 September 2015


First of all I would just like to quickly address my unplanned absence over the past week or so. Despite the lack of social media updates and blog post's my life has been a bit crazy, good crazy but crazy busy never the less. You see the problem is, within the nature of making things whether that be food, crafts or interior projects they all take time and time I have not had. 

However this made me reevaluate a few things and encouraged me to think outside the box about ways in which I could update my space that takes little to no time and zero effort. That was when I remembered about my Create Your Own Affordable Wall Art post and some of the simple ways in which new artwork can completely change a space. 

I make a habit of framing things that are not intentionally made to adorn our walls but hey, at least it's not generic hospital waiting room wall art covering my walls! 

The first of which is this amazing coral typography print that actually came within this months Messy Box from A Beautiful Mess. I have already reviewed a Messy Box before so if you would like to know more about that just click here. One of my favourite things about the boxes are the A4 prints that come within the kit, mainly to be used within scrapbooking but I think popped in a nice mounted frame like this one no one would doubt that you've parted with good money for that art piece. 

Another way of creating affordable art work is essentially to steal wallpaper samples from your local hardware stores. All of them are happy for you to take samples so why not take a decent enough size sample to pop it in a frame when you got home? I really loved this illustrated camera wallpaper and have had many people questioning if it is something I have made myself or where i've got it from! All are surprised when I let them know my secrets and that its just a freebie from a hardware store. 

Make sure you check out part one of this post for more ideas if you haven't already! There are lots of great ideas for you to try, whether you're a student looking for an affordable way of making your student accommodation feel more like home or simply wanting a purse friendly refresh within your own space. 
PS. They also make great gifts too but now I'm just giving away all of my frugal secrets. 


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