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Friday 9 October 2015


First off all I would just like to apologise for the lack of blog post's once again. Like I mentioned in my previous post I have been a super busy bee over recents weeks. Wether that is due to my new job, the potential of moving home again or on top of that the fact that it is easily the busiest time of year for me birthdays and events wise. It's frustrating, I have so many ideas bubbling around my mind, especially with Halloween coming up, unfortunately I just haven't been finding the time to bring them to life. 

Despite however hectic life gets I still seem to manage to find the time to relish in a little sale shopping. For months now I have been slowly changing up my workspace and now that all the big purchases are complete my attention has turned to the more decorative end of re-decorating. 

One of the main things that has been on my decor hit list over recent weeks has been some more lighting. Working with a pretty large sized double bedroom and one table lamp (which can be seen here) was not working out for me and I would end stuck to one corner of the room come the evening, not ideal! 

I had actually already spotted this Black House Table Lamp from BHS months ago but retailing at £40 I personally didn't think that it was worth the money for what is essentially some metal wire and a lightbulb. That being said it was the perfect size and I still cannot say no to anything copper so when I noticed that BHS had a 50% off lighting sale I couldn't help myself but check if the lamp I had lusted over previously was included. To my absolute delight I managed to find it for under £20 and instantly added it to my basket and made one very smug purchase. 

The lamp arrived the other day and I could not be any happier with it. I love the super modern copper filament bulb and the ongoing wire trend is one that I very much still love. The table lamp is the perfect addition to my desk and actually puts out quite an impressive amount of light for a energy efficient bulb. 

I am now hoping that having a 98% complete workspace will encourage me to sit down and take the time to get creative once again. I refuse to miss out on all of the fun Halloween DIY's so you better prepare yourself some creepy ghost's and pumpkins coming your way!  


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