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Friday 30 October 2015


I guess it was kind of inevitable that working for Lush would increase the amount of their products appearing on my bathroom shelves. However I feel that I was somewhat naive in just how long my wish list would grow in such a short space of time. Today I am going to share with you some of the products I couldn't help but throw in my basket along with some things I received in training and even had a hand in making myself! 

Unfortunately any bath bombs or bubble bars I have purchased or made have already gone straight in the tub so I don't have them to show but it's probably for the best that we save that for another day otherwise this would be one hell of a mammoth blog post. 

Lets start with my favourite product of the bunch and something that I literally put in the hands of every customer that walks through the door, Rose Jam shower gel. At first glance I didn't really think too much of this product as I'm not the biggest fan of rose but after my first sniff I was well and truly hooked. It's unlike a lot of typical rose scents and has a beautiful underline scent of vanilla that combined with the Turkish rose creates such a lovely subtle sweet scent. Bad news is that this beauty is only around for the festive season so I suggest stocking up now. 

Next up we have It's Raining Men shower gel, a true Lush classic. Made mostly from honey this shower gel is a real treat moment whilst in the shower. The honey itself is incredibly soothing and moisturising let alone combined with the rosehip oil and orange oil to brighten the skin. This is a great shower gel to use all year round but in the current colder months this is a god send to my skin. A little also goes quite a long way with this one so you can reap the benefit over and over again. 

Next up is the well loved Celebrate body lotion. Body lotion is a funny thing, I think all of us are guilty of applying too much post shower and then standing like a scarecrow waiting for the product to sink in and then end up not bothering again for weeks on end. However since picking up Celebrate I think I may have been converted to the body lotion band wagon. I'm not saying it sinks in instantly because it doesn't but an ample amount of this all over moisturises like no other thanks to the beautiful almond oils and then just pop a little of the dusting powders on top to absorb any excess. 

This one is the one that I had a hand in making during training last week, the Bûche De Noël face and body cleanser. Another new addition to the Christmas collection is this festive scented cleanser and it is something completely new to me. Slap me on the back of the hand here but I'd never actually tried a cleanser from Lush before so I was super excited to make and try this one out. Not only did this leave my skin feeling super fresh and clean, the exfoliating particles where so subtle and effective that it didn't effect my sensitive skin in the slightest. 

Now its time for an old favourite of mine, the Rub Rub Rub shower scrub. This sea salt based scrub can be used in multiple ways: pre shower on dry skin for a seriously deep exfoliation, my favourite way which is in shower for a more subtle exfoliation or you can even pop it in your hair some extra shine and volume. The scent is very fresh and again a little goes a long way with this one. I prefer to pop some on a shower lily and exfoliate that way but you really can do as you please with this stuff. 

Last but by no means least we have a £1 sample of the Charity Pot body lotion. If you are unaware of Lush's charity pots the low down is that 100% of the price (minus taxes) is donated to small grassroots organisations, charities that don't get the exposure of the huge well known charities. The product itself is a rich cream that helps moisturise the skin, I like to keep these small pots in my handbag at all time so that I can keep my skin hydrated where ever I may be. 

And that's it for now! No doubt I will be back soon with another Lush haul as there are so many products calling my name. Let me know in the comment section below if you have tried any of these for yourself or have a holy grail item to add to the top of my wish list. 



  1. Thank you for this post! It is very interesting to see what different people prefer in LUSH. The picture is beautiful and I like your blogging style!


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