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Tuesday 17 November 2015


This year I have decided to step away from the overpriced beauty advent calendars in favour of a more traditional advent calendar. True to form, rather than picking up a standard chocolate one from the local supermarket I decided to have ago at making one myself and I could not be any happier with the results! 

The best part of this DIY is the fact that all the hard bits are done for you. Hobbycraft has answered my advent dreams by selling an entire range of wooden ready to decorate advent calendars. Of course, they also have lots of bits and bobs to decorate your advent calendars too. 

After spending a good 20 minutes walking around Hobbycraft taking in all the Christmas craft supplies I decided to go for quite a natural wooden and white theme, in an attempt to steer away from glitter with the plan in mind to create something a little less tacky. But lets be real, that was never going to happen was it and I couldn't help but add a little glitter accent to my advent calendar in the end! 


Above I have listed all the pieces that I have used to create the calendar in the image above, however please feel free to deviate from the list and create your very own perfect advent calendar to suit your own Christmas decor.

To start you need to decide on a colour to paint your calendar. I decided to use a grey chalk furniture paint that I've had hanging around for years, not only does it requite only one coat but the dark grey shade complimented the natural wood and white pieces I had purchased to decorate, as well as the larger decor theme that hits my entire home come December. 

Whilst I left the house itself to dry I got on with creating some of the decorations. For example painting the little wooden numbers white before coating them in fine white glitter, I also added a touch of white paint and glitter to the pine cones to give a snowy wintery effect. 

Once all of the decorations and the house itself where dry it was a simple case of planning out exactly where everything would go. I did this a few times until I was happy and then once I had settled on the design started glueing pieces into place. For the numbers I used a small amount of PVA on the back of them and then used a hot glue gun for everything else to ensure everything would stay in its place. 

The temptation to continue decorating it with the bits and bobs like the snowflakes seen in the image above was unreal but I am really glad I decided to stop where I did as I think it has that right balance of Christmasy but yet not too tacky, just what I was looking for. 

All I need to do now is go and pick up some of my favourite Lindt chocolates to fill my advent calendar with and then await the first day of advent! If you decided to make your own advent calendar this year using these wooden calendars form Hobbycraft I would love to see them so make sure you drop me a tweet @ladylikelen so I can lust over your Christmas creations. 
I would just like to say a quick thankyou to the people at Ocean Loans for creating this advent house project and providing me with the tools to make it! 


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