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Friday 26 June 2015


My never ending love for H&M's home department continues. Every few months or so I can't help but check out the new in section of the website and it is very rare that I click off without adding a tonne of items to my shopping basket, so today I thought I would show you some of them before I hit checkout. 

1. Anthracite Grey Cushion Cover: I love the H&M cushion covers as they are super cheap and are an ideal way to freshen up a space without breaking the bank. This one especially is screaming out to be on my sofa nestled up with all the other patterned monochrome cushions I can't get enough of. 

2. White & Bronze Cushion Cover: Now this cushion cover is an absolute must have item for me, I have been on the hunt for something to make my workspace a more comfortable space and this cushion cover with its metallic details will work perfectly.  

3. Gold Mirror: Can you believe that this beautiful gold mirror is just £14.99? One corner of my workspace is reserved for my unhealthy make up collection and I have been wanting to create a mini gallery wall out of mirrors for a while and this seems like a great place to start. 

4. Metal Antler Candlestick Holder: This will be a bit of a love/hate item for some people but for me it's firmly love. I already have a series of taxidermy items in my living room and think that this would compliment them beautifully, especially with some of my beloved ombre candlesticks. 

5. Marble Look Ceramic Mug: There is not much to say about this item other than I want it to store some pens on my desk. I love marble as much as any other blogger and it is slowly driving me crazy  having to rummage through a drawer to find the certain pen i'm after. 

6. Silver Mirror: We have yet another beautiful affordable mirror here. I think that this would look great teamed up with the gold mirror and a couple of others for that mirrored gallery wall i'm day dreaming about right now. 

7. Gold Metal Plant Pot: As you will have seen from my most recent blog post, my apartment is slowly but surely turning into an urban jungle and I am completely fine with that. This gold plant pot would help break up all my white and silver pots beautifully. 

8. Silver Metal Plant Pot: Well, this one is simply just because you can never have too much of a good thing can you? We all know that chances are that I will buy another houseplant sometime soon so why not have a good plant pot ready and waiting for the next ones arrival. 

Which item is your favourite? For me, it's the mirrors - they will most certainly be being ordered come pay day. 


  1. I love H&M home department! Everything is so nice, I love the gold items especially! X

    1. I'm all about the gold recently, move over copper!

  2. I have resisted that pineapple candle so many time, it's just so cute!


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