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Friday 12 June 2015


I am beginning to loose count on how many monthly subscription boxes I have featured on this blog. There seems to be one for everyone and their dog these days but one thing I have noticed is that the majority of them are targeted towards women. Well, today I have one the boys! 

The boyfriend and I are not particularly big drinkers, we may partake in the odd glass of wine over dinner or the rare treat of a cocktail, besides that though not much alcohol is consumed around these parts. However I do know for a fact that the boyfriend enjoys a good beer with a spot of rugby on the weekend so when I came across Beer 52 I pretty much forced him to try it out! For years now he has seen me get excited over various subscription boxes and never really been able to enjoy the thrill of them for himself.

Beer 52 is like most subscription boxes in the sense that you pay a certain amount each month and then receive a parcel full of unknown goodies. In this case, 8 various types of beer, a magazine and even a tasty snack to enjoy with your beverages. Costing £24 a month it is not the cheapest subscription service around but after a few months of receiving them I am happy to report that the boyfriend thinks that they are well worth the money and I personally love seeing his excitement once a month when they arrive. 

As I am aware that the majority of my readers are female this might not be something that interests you personally (not to say that women don't enjoy a good beer) but I highly suggest you show this to the boys in your life. You know what, why not even treat your dad to a box with Father's Day coming around the corner here in the UK? 

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