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Friday 19 June 2015


Long term readers will be well aware of my ongoing love for brown kraft paper. I very rarely purchase wrapping paper as I personally love the charm of brown paper and twine but sometimes you just want to mix things up it up a little bit. With that in mind today I thought I would share with you one of my favourite ways to decorate brown paper and give your gift a little more personality. 

If you are not the sort of person to take your time and enjoy the process of gift wrapping then this DIY is most certainly not for you! You are going to need to do this at least a day in advance of the date you actually intend to wrap up any gifts so please do bare that in mind if you're after instant results, perhaps try a Sharpie? 


 Start off by ensuring that the pencil you are using has an unused rubber, this just means that you will end up with a cleaner more defined dot when it comes to printing. Once you have all your tools ready to go all you really need to do is start stamping your dots. Try and keep them as evenly spaced as possible and then when it comes to doing the second row make sure that dots are centred between the two above dots. This will help you to keep a recurring pattern and make it look as uniformed as possible. Don't fret if you start to stray slightly on your pattern as this is meant to be a homemade item and sometimes these things add to the charm of the overall look. Repeat until you no longer have any space and then leave over night to dry. 

Polka dots are a timeless pattern and work well for all ages and genders, meaning that you could easily decorate an entire roll of paper so that you can go back to time and time again or like in this case just decorate enough to wrap your desired gift. 

Would you try decorating your own gift wrap? It's fun and really easy to boot!  

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