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Tuesday 9 June 2015


After my trip to Amsterdam and little blog vacation last week I was itching to start on some new DIY projects this morning. I decided to have a quick rummage through my craft supplies to see if any inspiration took ahold of me but instead I ended up realising that a trip to Hobbycraft is needed ASAP to replenish supplies! 

Not ideal when the creative bug strikes but I decided to roll with it and ended up making some adorable heart shaped paperclips instead. This is not a traditional DIY by any means, it is such a simple process but looks ten times cuter than your regular paperclips so why the hell not! All you need for this one is a handful of paperclips and your very own fair hands. I decided to create a little diagram to help you visualise what I'm talking about as it can get a little complicated otherwise, hopefully this will enable you to follow along easily. 

1. First off position your paperclip as I have above.

2. Next you need to find the central point of the bottom of the paperclip and hold this point. 

3. Now you need to bend the left side of the paperclip up towards the right until you have created something that looks like a heart. 

At first you may look at it and think, what? But once clipped onto paper the heart appears as seen above in the photographs. This is very much one of those DIYs that once you have done it once you'll never forget it and is something that looks really sweet when holding together documents or images. 

A short and simple one from me today but something that has brightened up my paperwork and stationary drawer! A trip to Hobbycraft is imminent so keep your eyes pealed for lots of new and exciting summer DIY projects coming your way soon. 
Flowers courtesy of:
Bloom and Wild

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