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Tuesday 7 July 2015


As time goes by I seem to be getting more and more obsessed with coffee. A few years ago I was a typical Brit and consumed a vast amount of tea on a regular basis, fast forward to 2015 and I genuinely cannot remember the last time I even had a cup of tea. That's not to say that I don't still enjoy the odd cup of tea but coffee has full on stole my heart.

After dabbling into the various ways of creating home brewed coffee,  I bit the bullet last year and purchased my very own Nespresso machine, the Magimix CitiZ&Milk. Yes, I cannot grind my own beans and all that jazz but I can make great quality coffee at home without having to fork out the best part of a grand for a professional quality coffee machine. Since purchasing my Nespresso machine I have been trying out various recipes and pretty much every single coffee they have on offer. With the summer months now in full swing and the temperature reaching up to 36ÂșC I have had to ditch my regular coffee choice and branch out further into iced coffees. If you have a Nespresso machine and fancy doing the same simply follow the recipe below. 

2 Espresso capsules, a dash of Monin Premium Vanilla Syrup, lots of ice & 220ml/1 cup of milk. 

Start by selecting your coffee of choice, I use Volluto as it is my favourite but any of the espresso capsules will work. Once you have chosen your capsule begin brewing your coffee, I tend to do this into an espresso cup and then transfer into a serving cup later. It is also important to stress here not to use a Lungo capsule in an attempt to save a little money - there is a reason iced coffees cost more than your regular flat white and that is because they use TWO shots of espresso. The next step is to froth the milk on the cold setting, do this by simply holding the Aeroccion button down till it lights up blue as apposed to clicking it once for a red light and hot milk. Full fat milk works better for all lattes but I regularly use semi skinned milk and don't encounter any problems. Once complete pour the milk into a large cup filled with ice before adding in the 2 shots of espresso. This is also the time to add the Vanilla syrup to sweeten too taste. 

I currently cannot get enough of this coffee and can quite easily see it replacing my usual coffee till the cooler weather returns. If you have enjoyed this post why not check out my Mocha Frappuccino recipe from last summer for even more cold coffee ideas? 

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