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Friday 10 July 2015


This was a bit of a spur of the moment DIY but something that I have wanted to try for years now. This weekend I was lucky enough to receive a lovely bouquet of flowers from Bloom & Wild. Literally as soon as I opened up the package and set eyes on the beautiful magenta carnations that lay within I knew that I had to find someway of using them other than just plonking them in a vase.

That was when I decided to try my hand at floral ice cubes. I have seen them done before but have always been a bit wary of potentially poisoning myself by accidentally using uneatable flowers. After a quick Google search to see if it was safe to eat carnations and learning that as long as you remove the white part of the petal you where good to go I got to making some of my very own floral ice cubes.

An ice cube tray, water and edible flowers.

Like I said above, start by checking that the flowers you intend to use are safe to eat. Once you have established that they are and have removed any parts necessary simply place a petal or two in each ice cube before topping up with water. I left mine to freeze over night to ensure that they would be completely frozen by the time it came to using them. Once frozen pop them out of your ice cube tray and into a summer cocktail of your choice for some serious indulgent me time.

I absolutely love this simple DIY and know for a fact that I will be making a bunch of these from various  flowers for my birthday celebrations at the end of the month!

Is this something you would try to spruce up your BBQ's this summer? 
Flowers courtesy of:
Bloom and Wild

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