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Tuesday 14 July 2015


Today I am back with yet another DIY. I hope that you guys don't mind that I seem to be sharing one after another at the moment, I just have so many ideas floating around my head that I wanted to try  and share with you all. Typically I have loads of gift giving related DIYs around the one time of the year where I don't actually have any birthdays coming up, expect for my own that is! 

Never the less, I thought that I might as well try my idea out now so that I can have it in my arsenal when the birthdays inevitably roll around. This feels like a little bit of a throwback DIY for me despite the fact it is something that I have never done before as cross stitch is something that my grandmother taught me at a very young age.  Long term readers may be well aware that I am not generally a huge fan of traditional forms of craft but a little bit of embroidery here and there I think can be a really nice personal touch. 

Gift tag, graph paper, needle and thread. 

Start out by creating your very own cross stitch chart on the graph paper. Simply plot out the initial of your choice onto the paper and then press the needle through each section so that you have a template to follow on the final gift tag. Once your chart is complete use a little sellotape to attach the chart onto the gift tag. When you are happy with the positioning of the initial press the needle through all of the holes to transfer the pattern to the gift tag. Do this until you have fully transferred the chart to the tag and then remove to reveal the initial! Now all you have to do is use a simple cross stitch technique to embroider the gift tag and then you are complete. 

As with a lot of these gift tag type DIYs it is always such a lovely gesture and who the hell doesn't love a little personalised gift tag on top of their birthday present?! If you would like to see more gift tag DIYs why not check out these feather gift tags or map gift tags

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