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Tuesday 28 July 2015


Today is my 25th birthday, to celebrate and mark the occasion I have decided to put together a reflective blog post on a few of the life lesson's that I have learned in my early 20's. 

1. Going to bed before 12pm can actually be a good thing. 

2. You cannot force friendships. 

3. You can count your true friends on one hand. 

4. Not everyone younger than you is 12. 

5. Your middle name should be "busy" as that's all you are now. 

6. Half of your friends are out binge drinking whilst the rest are getting married and having children. 

7. Cooking can actually be fun. 

8. Shoppers guilt is real my friends. 

9. There will come a time when you have to spend your money on vacuum cleaners and washing machines. 

10. You physically cannot sleep past 9am, even on Sundays. 

11. You start to appreciate the little things just as much as the big things. 

12. You are your own worst critic. 

13. You start to sound like your parents. 

14. Bubble baths aren't just for toddlers. 

15. Traveling is the best money you can spend. 

16. Make sure you put time aside to spend quality time with your loved ones. 

17. The world doesn't owe you anything, you have to work for everything. 

18. You'll be jealous of anyone more successful than you, just turn that into a positive to strive for more. 

19. You learn not to over share on social media. 

20. You will doubt every important decision that you ever make.

There we have it 20 things I have learnt in my early 20's! What things have you learned in your 20's that your teenage self would never have believed? 

PS. Illustration by Kat Spencer.



  1. This is all so true! Everyone in their teens/twenties needs to read this haha

    1. Haha I know right, I could have done with this post when I was 15!

  2. Definitely agree with all of these! I'd also add 'you eat so much more fruit and vegetables, not because you like them but because you bought them and you hate the thought of wasting money.' :D

    1. Haha yes, my dinner last night of throw everything in a wok and call it a stir fry is a prime example of this!

    2. omg, that is definitely me. x

  3. I agree with EVERY single one of these. Great post x

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  4. Ahahahah! Everything you wrote in this post is Real!
    I'm sorry for my bad english, I'm italian!
    Have a good day ;)


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