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Monday 12 January 2015


There is something about January and a fresh start to the year that always gets me in the mood to decorate. Maybe this is due to the fact I always think everything looks so plain once all the Christmas decorations come down but regardless of that I am embracing it. We are currently only on the 12th day of the year and so far I have already had the paint and rollers out this weekend and even got a new piece of furniture delivered last week. 

If you are like me and craving something fresh in your home this year I thought it might be useful to get together my top four books for home decor to help you get inspired!

DOMINO THE BOOK OF DECORATING: Whether I'm lacking inspiration or just in the mood for a quick browse this is always my first port of call for all things decorating and interior design. This book is ideal for anyone looking to update their space and is full to the brim with stunning photographs of peoples homes, basically a book full of beyond Pinterest worthy decor and is exactly what you would expect from such a well loved decor magazine. Along with the visual inspiration this book provides it also has lots of helpful tips and tricks on how to select a theme for a space and mix and match furniture. 

DESIGN BLOGGERS AT HOME: This is a new book to grace the shelves of my bookcase but one that is based around two of my main loves, design and blogging! This book showcases some of the créme de la créme of design bloggers and their beautiful homes as well as offering tips and advice on how to set up your own blog. My favourite part of this book is the Colour Fun section in which they show you some great ways to introduce bright colours into your home. Even a monochrome lover like myself may be stepping away from something other than my beloved antique white paint. 

DECORATE: Here we have yet another interior design book from a blogger, this time from one of my personal favourites Holly Becker from Decor8. What can I say? Bloggers just do it best when it comes to home decor if you ask me! I have been a huge fan of Holly's work for a long time so it came as no surprise that I snapped this book up. The highlights of this book for me is the Room by Room section. However much I love seeing someones entire home, myself and 99% of the population tend to decorate one room at a time so by splitting the book up this way it allows you to get right to the point and not get to distracted by day dreaming about future projects. 

STYLE YOUR MODERN VINTAGE HOME: This book is a lot more focused on furniture and styling as apposed to decorating your actual home which instantly appealed to me and my white walls. I am a huge fan of letting key pieces of furniture do the talking and leaving the walls bare, almost like a canvas. I am a tad over the whole 50s mid century living trend that has been going around for the past few years which this book primarily focuses on but there are some killer pieces of design that have come out in the past 100 years and this book showcases those and tells you how to style them in and around your modern home. 

Have you read any of these or can you recommend me something similar?

 I am always on the hunt for new interior design books and as this is the year that I hope to move from my 2 bedroom apartment into an actual house (AN ACTUAL HOUSE!!) I am on the hunt for as much inspiration as possible!


  1. That Domino book sounds really good - I'm in the mood for a bit of redesigning. Also, where is that pineapple from? It's lovely!

    1. The pineapple is from Urban Outfitters although I got it about a year ago, Rose and Grey have one similar though!


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