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Tuesday 20 January 2015


Do you ever see something you really like the idea of and then completely forget it exists for like 2 years? Yeah well, that is what happened with me and Project Life. Back in February 2013 A Beautiful Mess published a blog post titled "Elsie's Project Life Album" and I instantly loved the combination of both photo album and scrapbook. For some reason though I just presumed this was a product only available in North America and thought nothing of it again until Lily Pebbles posted "How To Start A Project Life Scrapbook" and I was like hallelujah! 

Somehow on my countless trips to Hobbycraft I had completely glazed over the fact that Project Life was readily available on their shelves! Naturally, soon after I realised I could get my paws on the products here in the UK I placed a pretty substantial online order using a Christmas gift card to get everything I would need to get started.  

I would like to start off by saying that Project Life does not come cheap, you are looking at spending just under £30 for just a folder and a selection of photo pocket pages. I do think though that the price reflects the quality of the item compared to cheaper photo albums that can be so poorly made that they easily rip just putting in a photograph. As I was spending Christmas money I decided to go all out and also order one of the Core Card Kits as they are a great way of adding some personality to the scrapbooks and also offer blank cards to add notes to if your are using it as a baby book for example. I personally like to use the larger core cards to mount square Instagram photos on and use the smaller ones to mount my Instax prints. 

I am yet to print off any new photographs so I have just filled it up so far with old photographs and mementos of my travels. I am totally that girl that keeps the business card of the hotel I stayed at once in a memory box just in case I want to visit again or the boarding pass from a flight so it is nice now to have a place to put these items along with the images of the trip. I plan to get a lot more creative with this scrapbook as time goes on but so far all I have really done is combined a few images to create one larger image and added a few labels here and there with my label maker to date and place photographs. I also rounded all the edges using my new favourite gadget so that both the photographs and the core cards had the same finish. 

I am really excited to continue with my Project Life scrapbook and feel that it will inspire me to take more photographs and most importantly print them. I already love looking back over old photographs of my parents and my childhood so why the hell not continue this tradition within my own personal scrapbook?!

What do you think of scrapbooking in this digital age of Instagram and Snapchat? 

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