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Friday 9 January 2015


2014 featured a distinct lack of travel and I for one am not very happy about it. You know how it is with life and money and last year featured a hell of a lot of redecoration of my home leaving very little money for trips abroad. The boyfriend and I did make a short stay in York and couple of trips to the coast but besides that zero travelling or exploring happened and this is a huge thing I would like to rectify in 2015.
 We have already started planning another short stay in Amsterdam for the beginning of June to see Fleetwood Mac at the Ziggo Dome but besides that my dairy is empty. I have a list as long as my arm of places in the world I would like to visit but any crazy long haul trips half way around the world are still off the cards until I win the lottery quite frankly.

Saying that though I have been debating a lot over a trip to New York recently. I just haven't quite decided on whether or not I want to make the journey to America again to just visit one state like I did before or perhaps it would be more worthwhile to hit up a few places whilst over there. Both the boyfriend and I have relatives in two completely opposite parts of America so I feel that maybe we'd be better holding off till we could spend a few weeks there and truly get to know the place a little better. 

 Thankfully though living in Great Britain I have very easy, and pretty affordable, access to Europe. However, the problem is that just within Europe alone I would currently love to visit Iceland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Croatia and Italy just off the top of my head. 

As we are planning our trip to Amsterdam in the summer chances are we wont be able to get away again until autumn which makes me lean more towards the Scandinavian countries but a huge part of me has always dreamt of visiting Italy, specifically Rome. Everything I have ever seen about the place just seems so perfect to me, full of history and lets not forget about the food, I really need to experience an authentic Italian pizza ASAP. 

So here is my question to you. Do I go old school bucket list style and check off the old flame that is Rome or do I go with my current passion for anything Scandinavian and visit Copenhagen or Stockholm? If you have visited any of the places on my wanderlust list please leave me your thoughts and opinions below as a I really want to make the most out of this year and experience as many new places and faces as possible. 


  1. Rome is gorgeous and our autumn would be a great time to visit weather-wise I think. I went in July and it was 40 degrees - way too hot! I've been to Norway (which is beautiful although very expensive!) but not Copenhagen or Stockholm so I can't help you with those I'm afraid! Amsterdam is lovely though. My husband and I went for a short break with a couple of friends in October and it's a great place.
    Have fun planning your trips!
    Kate x

    1. Thank you for the tips Kate!
      I know for a fact that I would not enjoy the 40 degree heat either so I think autumn or spring would definitely be the best time for me to visit.
      Do you have any must visit places whilst in Rome?

      Jessica x


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