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Friday 29 January 2016


Do you remember back in October when I posted The First Of Many Lush Hauls? Well, today I am back with another round up of all things Lush and this one is solely dedicated to bath bombs and bubble bars. For years now, long before even working for Lush, I have always been a huge fan of the bath range and to be honest, there seriously aren't many products that I haven't tried so I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my personal highlights of the beloved bath range. 

Lets start with the bubble bars as I only have two of those to mention today. 

First up we have everyones favourite bubble bar, The Comforter. This guy is full to the brim with cassis absolute which gives it its distinctive blackcurrant fragrance along with some uplifting notes of bergamot. The website recommends breaking this in half to get two uses but I can easily get about four baths out of this guy, just crumble into your hand and then straight under the tap for a bath full of beautiful pink blackcurrant bubbles. 

Next up we have a limited edition Valentine's Day bubble bar in the form of this multicoloured Unicorn Horn. I am actually yet to try this one out for myself, however I remember people going mad for this one this time last year and anything lavender fragranced will always be a winner for me.

Moving onto the bath bombs I'll start by saying that all of the ones I am about to mention came within The Experimenter gift set which I received for Christmas. However I have actually already used Twilight, a lavender and tonka fragranced bomb with a blue centre and Intergalactic, a peppermint and grape fruit fragranced bomb that creates a galaxy of colours and glitter in your tub. 

My main reason for wanting this gift set was for the two Lush Oxford Street exclusives which cannot be purchased individually in local stores. They are the Cyanide Pill, which seems to have vanished from the Lush website, which has a strong citrus and woody fragrance which also contains a serious amount of silver glitter in the centre. The other is the Guardian Of The Forest, which has similar scent to the Cyanide Pill in the sense that it is very woody with a lime kick, delicious! 

Next up we have The Experimenter bath bomb which is hands down the most colourful of all of the Lush bath bombs. With 5 vibrant colours and a splash of popping candy this one looks incredible in the bath however the fragrance of vanilla, tonka and vetivert oil is not my favourite. I have even gone as far as describing it as a bonfire scent in the past, my bad. 

Moving on we have Frozen, a shimmering blue bath bomb with a silver lustre centre. This one is probably one of my favourites despite never actually watching the film Frozen. For me its all about the beautiful grapefruit and rose fragrance that lingers on the skin for hours. 

Lets cover a classic next, the one and only Sex Bomb. The name of this one seems to divide people but I for one am all for a little Tom Jones reference! This one has a beautiful floral scent thanks to all the jasmine absolute and ylang ylang oil and is one that I have repurchased many times. For me it is a classic indulgent bath and the colours are lovely too. 

Sticking with the classics next up is Avobath. As the name would suggest this bath bomb is packed with hydrating and nourishing avocado, combined with my favourite bergamot oil and lemongrass oil which pack a serious punch. When people come into the store and ask what product they could smell from the street it was always this bad boy. 

Drawing to an end we have Dragons Egg, another uplifting lemon and bergamot fragrance that smells just like lemon sherbet. That amazing scent combined with some popping candy and a beautiful golden orange core leave you with easily my favourite bath bomb, especially great for a morning/afternoon pick me up. 

Last but by no means least we have Yoga Bomb. This is another serious contender for my all time favourite bath bomb thanks to its sandalwood oil and cassis absolute fragrance. It's one that I always recommend if you are in need of a little calm and relaxation and even though this guy doesn't look like much from the outside I promise you it will not disappoint. 

There we have it, an almighty Lush bath haul. Please let me know your favourite bath bomb/bubble bars in the comment section below as I would love to know which ones you adore too?!  


  1. I have the exact same basket in my bathroom and for such a long time have wanted to store my bath bombs in it, but I can't help foreseeing a splash of water from the shower flying into the basket and causing a bath bomb volcano haha! Do you store it near the bath or have it kept safely away to avoid bath bomb meltdowns?

    1. I keep them tucked away to avoid any water damage!

  2. where is the basket from it is adorable, and i would like to keep the same one next to my bath tub pls respond asap


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