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Friday 15 May 2015


Here I am yet again with another subscription box service to tell you guys about. I kind of gave up on them for a while as I just ended up with products and things I generally had no interest or use for. Beauty boxes had their moment with me, as did food and even a craft subscription but they all fell a little short and I personally didn't feel that I was getting my moneys worth out of them. Fast forward a few months and I was drawn back into the land of subscription boxes thanks to the guys over at A Beautiful Mess and my first Messy Box did not disappoint! 

I am sure that anyone who is an avid blog reader will be aware of A Beautiful Mess, but for those that aren't they are essentially the queens of creative blogging! As a religious reader of their blog for such a long time, even before starting my own blog 2 years ago, they have always been a great source of inspiration for me and to see them grow fills me with all sorts of joy. 

I briefly mentioned that I have subscribed to a craft box before and was left feeling underwhelmed so why did I decide to buy into this one you may ask? Well, firstly I love their blog, their books and even their apps so it was a pretty safe bet to be honest with you. I held out on signing up straight away to see what sort of things would be included in the Messy Box and after reading my first review I was sold. Being completely honest here, there is not a single thing included in last months Messy Box that I would not or have not already started using so if that is not testimony to its greatness then I do not know what is. For the record Aprils box includes a rotating stamp with cute phrases, tiny black and white alpha stickers, a postcard, translucent plastic circles and hearts, large patterned paper and 3 various sized pocket cards that are ideal for scrapbooking or washi taping to your walls, there is even a washi tape that matches the colour theme throughout included in the box. 

Overall I could not possibly be more pleased with my first Messy Box if I tried and my anticipation for the second one is at an all time high! I blogged before about the fact that I started a scrapbook at the beginning of the year and ashamedly haven't really updated it at all in recent months. However receiving these amazing papers and cards has inspired me to make sure that I take the time each month to print some photos and decorate my memories, it will mean a lot to me one day. 

Subscribe to Messy Box here or alternatively check out Happy Mail here if you're more interested in greetings cards than you are scrapbooking. Not gonna lie, kinda wish I was subscribed to them both! 


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