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Friday 24 April 2015


You guys know the drill with me by now. I am currently in the early stages of the moving home process meaning no more large DIY projects, not surprisingly I still manage to find myself suffering with the urge to rearrange and redecorate my home on pretty much a daily basis. My way of compromise is a wahsi tape gallery wall! 

I have had this blank space (breaks out into Taylor Swift) above my makeup storage forever. It is in a rather awkward corner of the spare bedroom and is a really tricky place to decorate. I have always quite liked the idea of a corner gallery wall but this is a very small space and I think that heavy frames and mirrors would just be too much.

After years of essentially ignoring the space I found myself recently washi taping a few vintage Vogue postcards to the wall and it essentially grew from there. I mentioned in a 'recent homewear purchases' post that I had picked a couple of prints from the Etsy store Dantell with the intention of using them to fill this space. Prints like this are a super purse friendly way of adding a spot of personality to a blank space and look great framed or simply attached with washi tape. Mixed with a collection of postcard and instant photos I think these prints really add something to a very unloved corner of my home.

I unashamedly have an entire arsenal of washi tape in my craft supplies and it's one of those things that always handy to have around. Especially if you live in rented accommodation or are a little precious about messing up perfectly painted walls, the low tack tape means that it doesn't damage your walls/prints and looks a million times better than a blob of Blu-tack ever possibly could.

Will you be creating your own washi tape gallery wall? They can be a lovely temporary fix or even a great way of testing out how all your images will look before you go the whole hog on a large wall. 

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