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Friday 10 April 2015


After getting our current home valued for sale last month we have decided to wait till after our holiday at the end of May before putting our property on the market. This means I currently spend all of my free time stalking the Rightmove app waiting for the dream house to appear and lusting after furniture to fill said house. 

We currently live in a 2 bedroom apartment and are intending on moving into a 3/4 bedroom house so there is going to be a lot of empty space and missing furniture. Naturally, this was my cue to start getting together some of the pieces that I have been bookmarking over the past year and thought you guys might enjoy seeing some of the pieces of furniture I have fallen for too! 

Arrow Metal Table Lamp: I have always loved this style of lighting but they are usually quite hard to come by or excessively overpriced. This light on the other hand is available from BHS and is currently in the 20% sale making it much more pure friendly. The temptation is strong.

Iconic Metal Dining Chair in Copper: Another piece of design that I have always loved, combine that with my current love for copper and I am literally the hearts in eyes emoji all day long. I think this chair with a mix of other metals in the same design would look incredible paired with my next piece to create the industrial dining room of my dreams.  

Large Wooden Dining Table in Black: This item potentially excites me more than anything else on this list. We currently can only fit a small 4 seater table in our home and I long for the days we can invite the whole family over for Christmas and all feast around one very beautiful table. 

Wilko Iron Wire Basket: The quest for cute storage seems to be a never ending war and these wire baskets look great in both kitchens, bathrooms and more. Whether it is to hide away the kids toys or organise your craft supplies these pieces always come in handy and look nice and neat at the same time. 

Wilko Concrete Ampersand: I don't actually plan on waiting to move to pick this one up but I haven't made it into a store as of yet. Concrete is one of those trends that I like but am yet to try so I think this bargain would be an ideal place to start. Plus, who doesn't love ampersands? 

Garston Love Seat: Seating is one thing we are going to have to spend some serious money on when it comes to decorating a living room and this is my first choice. Our current space is split into a living room/dining room/open plan kitchen, meaning we actually only own one 3-seater sofa and an armchair that is starting to look a little worse for wear thanks to the felines and their claws.

Branagh 3-Seater Sofa in Anthracite Grey: Last and by no means least is my idea of sofa perfection. For some reason I have always want a classic Chesterfield, ideally not leather, and ideally a dark grey so that it can take a few spills and stains over the years, and here it is, Made have essentially created my perfect sofa. 

What do you think of my picks? Is there anything that has got your heart racing and planning a whole new redecorated room around? If so, my bad but we both know you love it really. 


  1. I'm stalking the rightmove app too looking for somewhere to move into in July! Hope you find your dream home :)

    Love that sofa and the arrow lamp.

    Corinne x

  2. These are great picks....I love the arrow lamp! And I'm now kicking myself for not buying that ampersand when I spotted it in store the other week; just my luck it'll be sold out now! x

    Lorna // Scared Toast


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