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Friday 17 April 2015


My raving obsession with house plants and cacti continues. My spiky little green friends seem to be popping up all over the place at the moment and after my venture into hand painted cacti pots I wanted some fresh ways of displaying them around my home. 

I already have a terrarium in my living room and this one I made for my balcony, as well as small bunch of potted ones dotted around the apartment. In recent weeks my office space has become the latest room to be invaded by the little spiky green fellas and this time I decided to change it up a little by hanging some of my smaller cacti on my walls using macrame hanging cacti planters. I decided to make my own rather than purchase a pre made one as it really is just a series of knots and relatively simple to make. 
Small metal ring. (I used keyring loops) 
Tape measure. 
Cacti in a pot. 

1. Cut four lengths of cord, 1.5 metres if you're hanging them on the wall. If you are intending to hang this from the ceiling you may want to extend this but its all personal preference with this one. 

2. Once you have four lengths of macrame cord you need to double them over to create eight lengths. Knot the cord around the metal ring and then lay out on a large flat surface. Place something heavy on the metal ring to hold it in place and get to work. 

3. Separate your cord into four sections with two pieces of cord in each. Next up you need to tie a knot into each of these sections by wrapping the cord around two fingers and pulling the end through it to create a small knot. Repeat this until all four lengths are knotted at the same position. 
4. Now things get a little tricky. Take the second of the eight cords and tie it to the third length of cord using the same method as above. Keep moving along until only the two outer piece of cord are left. 

5. With the two cords you have left bring them around to the front and knot them, joining the plater up. Repeat step 4 once more, by taking a piece of cord and knotting it with the next piece and so on, making sure not to cross the cords.  

6. Finally tie a large knot roughly 2cm under the last knot to mark the end of the planter where the pot will sit. Around 5cm down from this knot trim your cord to create a neat tassel. Slot your cacti pot into the centre of the hanger and voila! 
PS. This gives me more room to buy more houseplants right? 

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  1. I love these hangers!! I've got a couple above the stairs in the hallway...I bought a big ball of wool, but then my boyfriend told me the ceiling would fall down if I added any more!! Will have to think of another way to use the wool; it's the perfect beautiful grey shade! x

    Lorna // Scared Toast


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