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Tuesday 3 February 2015


With January now behind us and a whole new month ahead of us it is time to start thinking about Valentine's Day. Whether you are in a relationship or not I think everyone should embrace the holiday as a chance to share a little love whether that be with family, friends or your lover. 

In an attempt to create some Valentine's DIYs that are not strictly for your other half I thought why not make some Valentine's Day cake toppers. Sweet treats are a simple yet always well received way of telling someone you love them so why not go all out and make some adorable cake toppers to adorn your culinary treats? 

Red card. 
Cocktail sticks.
Hot glue gun. 

Start off by creating a template heart using a spare piece of card. To ensure your heart is as symmetrical as possible fold down the centre and draw half of a heart along the line and the cut both sides to achieve an even heart. Once you have your template you need to draw around it as many times as you need to make the required amount of toppers, remembering that you will need two hearts for each for each cake topper. Once you have drawn out all of your hearts you need to carefully cut each heart out and place to one side. 

Now that all of your hearts are cut out you need to plug in the hot glue gun and get that warming up whilst you line up all your cocktail sticks ready for glueing. Attach the cocktail sticks to the card hearts using the hot glue, whilst the glue is still hot press on top another of the hearts and hold the edges together to seal them. Repeat this process until all of your hearts are complete and then leave to fully cool. Once all of your cupcake toppers are cool you can go back in with the scissors and tidy up any messy edges.

These cake toppers really are a perfect way of adding a little extra love to your Valentine's Day bakes and I defy anyone not a crack a smile when shown a plate full of heart topped cupcakes! If you are looking for some more foodie inspiration for the season why not check out my Valentine's chocolate bark hearts from last year?  


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