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Friday 27 February 2015


It is no secret that I am constantly redecorating my home. After a recent stint in the living room my attention has now fallen else where, the bedroom. The same may not go for you if you happen to live with family or in a house share but if you have your own space and don't have any children to hide away from on a Sunday morning you quite literally end up only sleeping and getting dressed in that room so it tends to fall to the bottom of peoples priority list. 

We repainted our bedroom over 6 months ago now in a lovely shade called "Polished Pebble" and brought some new curtains to compliment the new paint job but besides that the room has been left as is as has started to look very unloved. I have decided to focus on 3 keys areas of the room to try and add some personality and bring together a cohesive space. The areas I am focusing on are: bedding, lighting and decorative accessories. 

Bedding is something important to keep in mind when decorating the bedroom. I for one do not have the largest bedroom in the world so our king size bed takes up quite a considerable amount of space so the sheets need to be something that make a bit of a statement against our neutral grey walls but still add an air of relaxation and calm. I decided to go for the Yorkshire Linen duvet cover set* in "Stay Asleep" as I have never met a stripe that I didn't like! Stripes are also boyfriend approved which can be a struggle when deciding on bedding as anything overly patterned is responded to by a grunt and I am not a fan of pure one colour bedding unless it's white. 

Next up is lighting and anyone/everyone who knows a thing or two about home decor will stress the importance of having a well lit room.  I for one am a fan or more modern industrial lighting over your traditional lamp base and shade so when I stumbled across these lever arm table lamps I snapped two of them up instantly. Not only do they look great on our bedside tables and next to our victorian style bed frame but they are ideal lights for reading at night and make that part of our room look so much more inviting and cosy now. You can pick up something similar here from Marks & Spencer. 

The final thing in the room that needed a little freshen up was some decorative accessories. I am not talking pointless ornaments or vases here, more along the lines of jewellery holders and some sort of skincare storage! I re-homed my gorgeous two tier jewellery cabinet from Lisbeth Dahl to besides my bed to store some of my most special belongings and turned to my old faithful H&M home for storage and some candles. We currently have two metal wire baskets on the bottom shelf of the bedside tables and unwinding at night would not be the same to be without a flickering candle by my bed.

Overall I am really happy with all the new additions to my bedroom as they have made the space so much more inviting and it is actually somewhere I would like to spend time now with a good book and cuppa tea rather than just somewhere to catch up on sleep and turn into a floordrobe.

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