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Friday 13 February 2015


This year I am making it my mission to hand make greetings cards instead of just being lazy and picking them up in stores. Not only can it become expensive buying greetings cards when added up over the year but it can also be pretty impersonal especially when it comes to holidays like Valentine's Day when you want to tell that special person in your life just how much you love them. 

Black label tape.
Glue stick.

Start by creating a template for your heart. To do this I used a spare blank card and drew half of a heart along the folded edge before cutting it out and opening it up to create one large symmetrical heart. Once you have your template you need to get your map, you can use a genuine map if you have one to hand that you don't mind cutting into or you can simply print one from Google. Once you've selected your map you need to draw around the template onto the back of the map. Follow up by carefully cutting along the line and then attach this to the card using a glue stick. 

Now this will come as no surprise to any regular readers of my blog, I decided to use my label maker to add some typography to the card. The whole reason I decided to use a map for the heart was because I had this specific quote in mind for the card and think it makes a sweet little Valentine's day gesture without being overtly soppy. So type out your quote labels and then stick them into place!

This is such an easy way to share the love on Valentine's Day and just goes to show you that you don't need to spend hours faffing about glueing and sticking things to make your own greetings cards!

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