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Monday 1 December 2014


Oh, Hello there! Chances are you where not expecting to see a new blog post from me today but I have some pretty exciting news to share. After sitting down and planning all my blog posts for the upcoming month I noticed a slight problem in the fact that I had a lot more that I wanted to share with you all than would fit into my current weekly schedule. As a result of this I have decided to up my blogging game and create double the content for you over the festive period and you never know, if all goes well this may be a regular occurrence!  

Now for the real reason we are here. 

Today I wanted to share four quick and easy ways to create and personalise gift tags for Christmas. I seriously begrudge spending any sort of money on pre-made gift tags when they can set you back a few pounds just for 3. Even more so at Christmas when you are going to be in need of at least 10 of them! This is why I always keep a stash of plain white and brown gift tags in my craft supplies and then customise them accordingly. 

POMPOM TRIM: My first way of customising gift tags for Christmas and quite possibly my favourite of the four is to use pompom trim. The little white pompoms instantly remind me of snowballs and I love that the trim adds some texture too. To make this one, all you need is pompom trim and a glue gun to instantly add some festive charm to your gift tags. Simply cut the trim to length and then glue in place.

LABEL MAKER: My second way of customising gift tags has been featured on the blog before here but to pop a little festive spin on it I have used Christmas sayings such as "Seasons Greetings" etc but my favourite for this has to be "Bah Humbug" as featured above in the photograph. I just cant say no to a little bit of comedy at Christmas and I certainly know a few people this one would apply too. 

RUBBER STAMPS: My third way of customising gift tags is so simple it really needs no explanation but rubber stamps are so a quick and easy that it would be criminal not feature them. Available in so many variations you can find a stamp to fit your theme easily and they make a much better alternative to the previous two ideas if you need to make a vast quantity of gift tags. 

WASHI TAPE: My fourth way of customising gift tags comes as no surprise as I am obsessed with the stuff but a strip of washi tape on a tag looks really sweet and just adds a little something to a simple gift tag. Whether you pick specific Christmas washi tape or just patterned like I have I think it is not one to be overlooked if you are on the hunt for an instant pop of colour or pattern. 

Let me know in the comments below which is your favourite and whether or not some of these ideas have inspired you to step away from the pre-made gift tags this season? I hope you are just as excited as I am for all of the upcoming festive blog post and I hope that you look forward to a little more Ladylike Len in your life every Monday and Friday from today on. 

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