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Friday 12 December 2014


I don't know about you but I seem to have an ever growing pile of craft and DIY projects all over the place at this time of year. As someone who always strives to spend as little as possible on Christmas (having your boyfriends birthday, Christmas and anniversary within 3 weeks of each other is not kind to the bank balance), combined with the fact that I genuinely love creating things it comes as no surprise that making my own Christmas decorations and gifts just comes naturally to me. 

At first these paper star decorations may look a tad complicated but once broken down into an easy step by step guide they are quick to get the hang of and surprisingly addictive to make. 

Paper, colour of your choice.
Glue Stick.
Bakers Twine.

To make the star itself I followed a tutorial on Flow Magazine's website (here) by Dutch blogger Ingrid of Ingthings. In this tutorial she provides a really easy to follow step by step of how to make the paper stars and even throws in a few ideas on alternative ways use them. After making a couple of paper stars I decided that I wanted to use them to decorate my home so decided to glue them back to back and hang them using some bakers twine. By glueing two of the stars together you get an amazing 3D star that looks great from all angles. To attach the bakers twine to the star I threaded the twine onto a needle and pierced a hole in the back of the star that is no longer visible once the two stars are glued back to back. Last but no least pop them onto your Christmas tree once dry and voila! 

I really do love these paper star decorations and think that they would look amazing on your Christmas tree or strung up to create a garland or bunting. Being made of paper they may not last as well through the years as your traditional glass baubles but they add a real bright modern touch to a tree and it is always nice to know you've made them yourself and that they didn't even cost a penny to make.  


  1. These are so pretty, and work for any time of the year. I included this in my Christmas in July roundup.


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