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Tuesday 31 March 2015


You know what, I think I probably painted my first Easter egg about 20 years ago now and I can still to this day vividly remember painting them throughout primary school. Saying that though it had never occurred to me in my adult life to paint eggs, but this year I have seen a huge revival of them over on Pinterest and I thought why not give it a shot myself, even if only for nostalgias sake. 

This is not a traditional DIY post in the sense that, 'you will need this' and 'follow this' to reach an end result as it's essentially two steps and thats it. Think of this as more of an example, offering you some inspiration on ways to bring a little Easter decor into your home. Especially for those like me that perhaps are not the biggest fan of sickly sweet pastels and cartoon bunny rabbits. 

Do not ask me why, but I actually already had some plastic eggs in my craft supplies that I picked up last year from Hobbycraft. This meant that I didn't need to mess around with real eggs and potentially making a huge mess, I highly recommend picking some up if you can. I simply sprayed them all white using some white Molotow spray paint and then left them to dry before decorating them with a black Sharpie. I was going to use black acrylic paint but somehow I had run out of black paint without even noticing so improvised with a permanent pen, but it worked! 

I decided to keep the patterns and designs pretty simple as I am still fully into the minimalist, monochrome, Scandinavian style, even when it comes to Easter! My favourite of them all has to be the little face, I worried at first that it was a little creepy and slightly reminded me of Humpty Dumpty but I think the cute eyelashes and facial expression pulled it back. This was the last egg that I actually decorated and now I kind of wish I had more so that I could create a whole bunch of emoji style eggs but that will have to wait for next year. 

All in all I really enjoyed throwing back to my childhood with this little DIY and think it is a great one to get your kids or younger relatives involved in if they're already driving you mad during half term. Or perhaps if you are like me, a big kid at heart and fancy having some cute Easter decorations dotted around your coffee table, go for it! 

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