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Friday 6 March 2015


There has been a huge resurgence in the popularity of houseplants in recent months and I for one am loving it.  I am very fortunate that every room in my apartment leads out on a large balcony in which I have been growing herbs and plants on for years now but in the past year or so my little green friends have slowly been creeping indoors. The one room they had yet to make an appearance in was my office and as I have been trying to refresh this space recently I thought it was about time I got some indoor plants for this room too! 

With this in mind I ventured off to my local garden centre to see what they had on offer. I was instantly drawn to the cacti and succulent section as I have managed to keep some alive for well over a year now and thought that they would be a safe bet in the longevity stakes and something that the cats would not be able to chew on and destroy, spikes are handy like that. I decided to pick up this cactus 3 pack for £2.99 and some cute little pots to put them in. Unfortunately the only ones they had in stock at the time where either bright yellow or red, neither of which are really my cuppa tea. This is when I remembered about Kate from Ghostparties Instagram where she had painted her own little cactus pots and I thought why not do something similar. 

Small plant pots.
Low tack masking tape.
White spray paint (optional).

Right, so first off you need to get an opaque finish with the white spray paint so you have an even base to work on and then leave to dry for a couple of hours or over night ideally. Once your pots are  completely dry you need to decide on the sort of design you want to achieve. I decided I wanted to add even more copper to my life with a copper triangle so to do this I simply masked off the area you want to remain white with a low tack masking tape and then sprayed the visible section with the copper spray paint, once dry remove the tape and then clean up the line with a black permanent pen. For the other two pots I decided to settle on a monochrome theme and used a black Sharpie to draw on the scalloped edge around the top of the pot and the herringbone pattern to the bottom of the other. 

Obviously, if you can, pick up some small white pots that way you can skip the first part but if you happen to have some white spray paint at home and find some coloured pots going cheap you might as well just paint them yourself! 

To keep your cacti alive and looking good for as long possible it is imperative not to over water them, I find misting them with a water bottle every couple of days is more than enough to keep them alive and happy. I am so pleased with how these pots came out and the cacti themselves really help to add that feeling of life to this room was severely lacking some love. 

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