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Friday 4 March 2016



I feel that I have been seriously slacking on the DIY front recently which is actually kind of surprising considering they're hands down my favourite post's to work on. I guess I have just been lacking inspiration and imagination as of late. With this Sunday being Mother's Day in the UK I thought that this would be the perfect occasion to get my creative juices flowing again.  

Long term readers of my blog will be aware that my mama is no longer around to be spoilt on Mother's Day but this doesn't stop me from making a fuss of the boyfriends mum, especially as it is her birthday the day after! I decided that rather than making something strictly for Mother's Day I would make something that can be used for any celebration, from birthdays to weddings and beyond. 

I've got previous for rustling up my own DIY cake toppers which can be seen here if you're interested but they always seen to be pretty theme specific so I thought that these adorable glitter stars would be a great all occasion cake topper.


Silver glitter Duct Tape, wooden stars, toothpicks and a hot glue gun

These are honestly so simple to make, so simple in fact that you could easily make them with children as long as there is an adult to supervise or step in for the hot glue gun parts. To start cut a square of the adhesive silver glitter Duct tape and attach it to your wooden stars. I picked the stars up at Christmas from Hobbycraft but some stiff card would work just as well, you'll just have to freehand cut your stars instead! Once the tape is stuck to the stars simply cut around them to reveal a glittery silver star. Once you have done this to all of your stars you need to turn them into cake toppers. To do this place a small amount of hot glue onto the back of the stars and then roll a toothpick in the glue before positioning in place and leaving to dry for about half an hour max.

These are hands down my favourite DIY cake topper to date. I love the fact that they can be used for so many occasion unlike the previous cake toppers that  I have made. I also really like the fact that the wooden stars make them a lot more sturdy and means they should withstand a lot more uses too. 
As always, let me know in the comments below if you try these out for yourself! 



  1. They look gorgeous! :) Will have to keep this in mind for the next cake I will bake! :)

    Jenny Side Up

    1. Thank so much Jenny! Please send me a snap if you do make them :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Hannah, I'm glad that you like them!


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