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Friday 18 March 2016


Today I am sharing something with you that is quite possibly one of my favourite little DIY/life hacks to date. It truly is the little things that please me and with this being something that combines two of my favourite topics, DIYs and beauty this one was always bound to be a winner. 

As you guys know, I spent a few months working for Lush towards the end of last year and one of my favourite products (besides the bath bombs and bubble bars obviously) where the Lip Scrubs. They are a product that I have actually used for years, a true staple in my beauty arsenal come the winter months as I have never found anything as effective at removing dead skin whilst adding a hit of moisture. Despite my love for these products are they can be a little bit on the pricey side with one pot costing £5.50 for 25g, which in itself isn't too bad but I never actually manage to use up one of the pots before they start to dry out meaning that I'm essentially throwing away money. 

However much I recommend these products I thought that it would be fun to try and make my own so after a quick glance at the ingredients list I went to my kitchen cupboards to see what I could find and come up with. After a little trial and error to get the consistency right I was left with a pot of moistening lip scrub to rival my old time favourite. To make your own... 

5 TSP Caster sugar.
3 TSP Organic honey.
 A splash of Vanilla extract.
 1 x Lip balm pot

This could not be any easier, simply combine all of the above ingredients into a small jar and mix before decanting into your lip balm pot. You can pick these up online if you fancy making a few variations or as gifts for friends but for just one pot I recommend looking through your beauty supplies for an old sample pot and just give it a thorough clean before use. Simply store in a cold dark place to keep it fresh for as long as possible and then just re-make once it starts to dry out. 

I have been testing this lip scrub out for a few days now and I am happy to report that the caster sugar has done a fine job at exfoliating my lips and the honey is surprisingly moisturising, if yes a little sticky. All in all I am super happy with my little kitchen beauty hack and can finally whip out my beloved Ruby Woo lipstick once more. 

PS. To make this product vegan just pop in some coconut oil instead of the honey to moisturise the lips.

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