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Friday 25 March 2016



I originally wasn't planning on creating any Easter content this year as neither my partner or I really celebrate it, not even with Easter Eggs... seriously! However I failed in my self imposed mission to avoid Pinterest over the past week and ended up seeing so many cute Easter themed DIYs that I just had to try my hand at one. I'm also a huge sucker for cute pastel colours and bunnies so I ended creating this adorable Easter bunny bunting with pompom tails to adorn my workspace. 

I thought that as today is Good Friday I would share my Easter creation with you today so that you have the long weekend, or potentially 2 weeks off if you're still in school, to get a little crafty and inject some handmade love into your Easter celebrations! 



Start by printing out your Easter bunny template (linked above). Of course you could quite easily create your own but for the sake of speed and ease I decided to print mine. Once you have your template you then need to cut around the bunny and then draw around it onto the back of some pastel coloured card. I managed to fit all 6 bunnies on one sheet of A4 card by the way. Once all 6 bunnies have been drawn simply cut them out with scissors and pop them to one side.

Next up I made the mini pompoms to look like bunny tails. To make pompoms I would usually use my pompom maker, however in this case we need mini pompoms so these wouldn't work. To make the mini poms I actually used a kitchen fork and just wrapped the wool around the fork as you would a regular pompom and then tied a string around using the gap in the fork before pulling the wool off the fork and cutting it to release the pompom, here is a step by step example.

Now that you have 6 mini pompoms and 6 pastel Easter bunnies you need to attach them together and then pop them on some thread. To attach the tails onto the bunnies I used hot glue as it is super quick and sturdy. Then to attach the completed bunnies to the metallic thread I simply used a small amount of sellotape on the back of each bunny to keep the front nice and clean.

I am so pleased with how this Easter bunny bunting turned out, the adorable little pompom tails just make me smile! So much so that I am contemplating making some more bunnies and sticking them onto some blank cards to share the bunny love this Easter. Whilst you are here,  not check out some of my previous Easter DIY's herehere and here for a little extra inspiration?


  1. They look really pretty and not corny, which I feel can happen quite easily with easter decorations :) I didn't do any easter decorating either this year (but chocolate will be part of the annual family easter hunt) but I might have to recreate this next year because they are so gorgeous and simple :)

    Jenny Side Up

    1. I completely get what you mean about Easter decorations looking corny. Fluffy yellow chicks and fake grass are not quite my taste either but I can totally get behind cute little pompom bunny tails :) I really hope that you make them next year and love them!

  2. So cute! I really love all of them as it just looks so cosy!



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