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Friday 5 September 2014


Today we are taking a walk down memory lane with my latest DIY. Pompoms never fail to remind me of craft afternoons with my grandmother as a young girl so I always enjoy making them and temporarily reliving my childhood.

 Based on the fact I made them as a child you are probably all thinking, "Why the hell do they need to be made easy?" and yes, I agree, to a point. Cutting out cardboard rings from the back of cereal packets or even using your own hands works well. Though if like me you are planning on making a vast quantity of them and want to make the process quicker all you need to do is follow these simple steps. 

1. Get your paws on a pompom maker. 2. Select the wool of your choice and open up both halves of the pompom maker. 3. Attach the wool to the pompom maker by holding the end in place and wrapping over the end to secure it into place. 4. Continue wrapping the wool around until the first half is completely covered and as thick as you require (the more wool you use the thicker and fluffier your pompom will be). 5. Now you need to move onto the other half of the pompom maker and simply repeat exactly what you did on the other half. 6. Once both sides are finished fold the pompom maker back into its original position and with a pair of small sharp scissors cut along the edge. 7. Now comes the slightly tricky part, you need to get a small length of wool and place it between the two gaps that you cut along and then pull tight and tie a knot to secure the pompom together. 8. Finally you need to open up the two halves to reveal each side and then separate the main section of the pompom maker by pulling out the pin in the centre. 9. If your pompoms come out looking a little worse for wear you can shape them by hand or tame any stray pieces of wool by giving them a snip with some scissors. 

By using the pompom maker I am able to make about 5 an hour meaning that my dreams for a pompom garland may be coming into fruition sooner rather than later! If you are interested in seeing how my pompom garland turns out drop me a comment below and I will happily rustle up a blog post for you. 


  1. This is so cute, totally want to try this out myself as they can go on anything – cushions, scarves, headbands, even my cats would love to play with them hehe


    1. Haha, my cats do love to play with them, little monsters!


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