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Friday 29 August 2014


I have been living in my own home for over 5 years now and in that time I have decorated on many occasions meaning that sometimes I can spend what feels like a lifetime trudging through the high street looking to furniture to decorate my home. One thing I quickly learnt is that if you want anything remotely out of the ordinary (I am looking at you shabby chic) you have to step away from the store catalogues and either search the depths of the country for quirky independent stores or turn to our saviour that is the internet. 

MADE: Always my first port of call when looking for substantial pieces of furniture. Think, sofas, chairs, tables and even a bicycle. Yep, I even purchased my beloved Dutch style bicycle from them, evidence of that can be found here. Despite the fact they no longer sell bicycles the reason I ended up buying one from them despite the fact they primarily sell furniture was the price. A price which is kept surprisingly low by simply cutting out the middle man and working directly with designers and craftsmen to create beautiful items at purse friendly prices, winner! After just one successful shopping experience I have since gone on to purchase the very chair I am sat on typing this and a purple ottoman that has been well and truly claimed by the cats but looks stunning in my living room. 

ROSE & GREY: My favourite online pitstop for home accessories. I honestly do not think a month has passed since discovering this shop that I haven't found myself searching through the new arrivals section battling against the urge to pop pretty much every item in the basket. At the moment I have my eyes on this doormat (which would aways be left on 'go away") and these lovely double glass picture frames similar to the Kiko frames I posted about last month. If you have a bigger sum of money than I to spend on furniture I highly suggest checking out the items available as it is exactly what my furnitures dreams are made of. 

OUT THERE INTERIORS: As the name of the shop would suggest, this is where I come to when I am looking for something a bit out of the ordinary. I recently deiced to retire some unloved side tables in my living room and wanted to replace them something colourful instead. No easy feat on the high street but Out There Interiors came to my rescue in the form off these industrial stools/side tables and it was love at first sight. The tables come in multiple different colours but the fact that they could be used as two completely different pieces of furniture had me my limited space apartment head over heals in love. Next on my wish list is the Charles Eames rocker chair, which coincidentally is currently on sale... must, resist. 

LOAF: Are a company I have never actually purchased anything from but they are throughly etched in my brain for when I hopefully move home next year and have some more space to play around with. I adore the Bagsie Chesterfield style sofa and have already mentally started decorating a room that doesn't even currently exist so if that doesn't convey the love for this piece of furniture nothing will. Until then I shall have to just stick to the kitchen accessorise and pendant lights. 

Who are your favourite e-reatailers when it come to interior design? 

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