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Friday 4 July 2014


Apologies if photographs of smoking offends anyone out there but I just wanted to hop on here quickly and remind both you and I that there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a break, stepping back and gaining a little clarity. Whether that is from work, from family, from friends or even your blog. 

I spend half my life feeling overwhelmed and overthinking every element, generally worrying that everything will fall apart if I happen not to do something or god forbid don't do it perfectly. But let's not get into my life story and why I find myself being an anxious mess sometimes and get to the point of this blog post. 

The past week marks a change in my lifestyle as the boyfriend has started a new evening job and it has completely thrown my routine out the window and consequently my creativity with it.

 I am a creature of habit and huge perfectionist, so much so that it has quite literally been driving me crazy that I couldn't come up with something interesting to post this week. I really do enjoy blogging and making things to share with you guys but when things get a little hectic in life I struggle to find focus and find myself drowning in a sea of bullshit. 

After a few days of absolute nothingness I feel refuelled, relaxed and here I am typing away on my Macbook after all that pressure I put on myself to create something interesting for you guys. I think that everyone puts so much pressure on themselves to achieve so much and live the dream every-single-day but all I really want and I am sure this applies to most human beings is to be happy. 

Being happy doesn't necessarily come from doing 101 things or from the attention of others and sometimes you just need to detach and escape to be able to look at things with a fresh pair of eyes and a different perspective. 

 I don't know, this certainly is the most personal thing I have ever posted on this blog and may slightly resemble word vomit but I feel like I shouldn't need to justify my lack of posts this week and just take five and think fuck it. 

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