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Friday 27 June 2014


I recently renewed my phone contract and upgraded from my old faithful iPhone 4s to the latest iPhone 5s. With all the excitement that comes with a new phone I was a little sad to have to part ways with all of my old cases as they no longer fit on the new device. With that in mind I started on the hunt for a new case as soon as my new phone arrived and ended up going right back to the place the phone came from, Apple. 

I was completely none the wiser that Apple sold Kate Spade cases so I was very pleased when my beady eyes set sight on this beautiful bright pink and white stripe case. Costing just under £30 I was very sceptical about spending so much money on a phone case but in the end I decided to bite the bullet and crossed my fingers that the quality of the case would somehow dispel my shoppers guilt. 


The case actually only arrived this morning so the fact that I have photographed it and popped it up on here already says a lot! The first thing I noticed when this case arrived is that it is actually in 2 separate pieces, one white silicone case to protect the edges and a patterned hard shell to protect the back. This is great because not only does it provide two types of protection the silicone part protrudes slightly so that even when placed screen down on a surface there is no contact between the screen and surface greatly reducing any chance of scratching. Already being a fan of Kate Spade I was not disappointed with the design of the phone and the gold details compliment my white and champagne iPhone perfectly. 

Overall I am really please with my purchase and feel much better knowing my iPhone is protected and looks amazing to boot! Obviously I haven't had this item very long so I cannot comment on durability over time but I will happily add to this post at a later date if anyone is interested in how well the case fends against grubby paws and the occasional drop on the floor. 


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