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Friday 20 June 2014


Despite being a huge fan of nail art and someone who is not afraid to get out a paint brush in an attempt to adorn my manicure, sometimes I just simply cannot be bothered with all the messing around and the huge wait time between layers. Having quite naturally strong and long nails myself I very rarely wear false nails unless they have a design on them I don't think I could replicate myself. I have a few nail art designs in my repertoire but I do not think any human could possibly be able to replicate this amazing abstract pattern on a nail without the help of some falsies or nail wraps. 

Elegant Touch offer a wide range of false nails from your standard french manicure to designer nails by House of Holland. I personally love the Express Trend section where they take inspiration from the runway and current trends to make some pretty amazing sets of nails and this is where I found my dream monochrome manicure, the Abstract Nails All Sorts. The square shape and short length of these nails are ideal for me as I hate overly false looking nails and the designs on these nails are so up my street it almost hurts that I know I will never be able to recreate this on my own natural nails. Luckily for me the set includes 20 individual nails so I can get more than one use out of them. Unfortunately though I do not recommend using the adhesive tabs that come with these nails and instead suggest that you use a traditional nail glue as the adhesive tabs supplied couldn't even keep my nails intact for an hour. Maybe I am just too rough with my nails but practically it would drive me mad having to constantly press them back into place and being afraid of even picking up my iPhone. 

Overall I think that false nails with designs on them are a great alternative to doing it yourself or for those  of you that fear nail art in the first place. Elegant Touch offer so many varying designs at a very affordable price of only £7.10, much less than a professional manicure, and can be picked up in most  Boots stores so you have no excuse not to embrace nail art this summer! 

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