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Friday 18 July 2014


Today I am sharing with you possibly one of the best discoveries I have made so far in 2014. Monthly beauty boxes and other subscription based companies are becoming pretty common now days and I myself had given in to the hype and had accumulated far too many mini beauty products and a plentiful supply of nuts and seeds. After being a religious subscriber to beauty boxes last year I decided to cancel my subscription in the beginning of this year as I just had no use for half of the items I was receiving and ended up just passing them on to family and friends making the whole experience a waste of money for me. 

As a result of this I haven't really been interested in signing up to any subscription services, that was until I came across this gem! Bloom & Wild are a subscription based service that deliver flowers through your letter box weekly, fortnightly or monthly and have 3 varying bouquets to suit different budgets and personal tastes.

One of the main selling points for me toward this service is the fact that you get to arrange the flowers yourself. The amount of time I get beautifully packaged bouquets and end up rearranging them myself is almost criminal so it is nice to have the freedom and creativity of being able to do this myself. Thoughtfully though they include a guide on how to arrange your flowers if you're not such a keen armature florist! There are 3 different types of bouquets available within the subscription service, the Bright & Wild, the Chic & Wild and the Luxe & Wild. The price of each bouquet gets marginally higher depending upon which bouquet you chose but you can pick up the beautiful Bright & Wild pictured above for just £13.95.

Compared to a bunch of flowers from the supermarket or a florist the price of these flowers is very reasonable. Combine that with free Royal Mail delivery and the fact that the packaged flowers fit through your letter box so that nobody needs to be in awaiting deliveries I think that this makes this service a great way to enjoy flowers for yourself or a wonderful gift idea. Alongside the personal subscription service they offer both a gift subscription service for those of you that want to spoil a loved one or just a one off order for those special occasions.

I am aware that buying flowers for yourself can become quite an expensive little habit but with Bloom & Wild cutting, packing, shipping and delivering them in the time before the flowers would even hit the shelves of the supermarket you are guaranteed to have a product that lasts longer making the most out your hard earned pennies and I get a lot more enjoyment and satisfaction out of them than I would a travel size dry shampoo. 

All in all I am really impressed with this service and can guarantee that I will be continuing my subscription and highly look forward to receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers once a month. 
What do you think to a flower subscription service? 

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