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Thursday 7 November 2013



Whether we like it or not the end of the year is fast approaching and just around the corner a new one is waiting to begin. With a new year comes a new diary and yet another excuse to indulge in my love for all things stationary. This upcoming year is no exception and I am all over it with this beautiful weekly notebook from Flow Magazine. 

Flow is a Dutch magazine that has been my favourite magazine for well over a year now, owning all the International copies and a few Dutch ones from trips to the Netherlands, it is fair to say I almost died a little when I scrolled down my Instagram feed to see that they had got together to create this international weekly diary! 


Naturally the orange chevron print with the golden rabbit are right up my street so I snapped this up right as soon as it was released about a month ago and have been longing for an appropriate time to share this with you. In true Flow style the inside of this notebook is just as beautiful as the outside. Featuring space for all of your daily appointments and notes. In the back there is a fold out birthday calendar along with a journal full of inspiring questions to help encourage creativity. 

The pages of the notebook itself are strewn with adorable illustrations by the Japanese artist Aiko Fukawa and continue the wildlife theme from the cover rabbit throughout. With Flow being a magazine for paper lovers the quality of the paper and product in general is fantastic and I imagine it will easily last throughout the year. Along with the weekly notebook you also receive paper goodies in the form of mini envelopes, stickers and an adorable garland that hangs proudly next to my desk. You can order your own weekly notebook from Flow for €16.95 which is just over £14 for British readers, a bargain if ever there was one!

 I'd just like to quickly apologise for my lack of posting last month. Along with no internet for total of 3 weeks, the boyfriend passing his driving test and myself buying a Mini Cooper life has been a bit all over the shop. No need to sweat though, the internet is back and my creativity is bubbling over after being stifled for a month, I hope you are ready for all the festive DIYs coming your way! 

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