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Thursday 14 November 2013



We have already established here on this blog that I am a nail polish junkie. The amount of times I have received "that look" from friends and my boyfriend for commenting that I have nothing to wear on my nails in front of a stash of 100+ polishes is criminal. Addicted, guilty as charged and whole lot of no shame. This autumn is no different and I have been dying to add some new shades to my collection, I'm looking at you Essie's winter collection. Despite this in some form of an attempt to use up what I have I decided to go on a hunt and pull out my favourite 6 shades that have been donning my finger tips for the past few weeks. 

Starting from left to right we have Seche Smokey a deep charcoal with shimmer unlike any other polish I own, despite not being a huge shimmer/metallic fan when it comes to nails I adore this on the nails and is a much more flattering alternative to black. Next up we have Models Own Prussian Blue a bright royal blue that has been gracing my nails even more than my beloved Nails Inc Baker Street, this is in fact a matt polish but I have layered on my trusty Seche topcoat to make the swatch glossy as thats how I paint my nails daily, 2 coats of this and a super shiny topcoat leave you with the most perfect inky blue nails, possibly my favourite of them all! Now we move onto Seche Bella, another shimmer polish that has somehow stolen my heart, this is a deep red shimmer that is the perfect compromise between creamy colours and glitter, perfect for the christmas season! Next up we have one of my all time favourite nail varnish shades come summer or winter, Nails Inc Piccadilly Circus, the most perfect cerise pink that looks flawless all year round, hand down the nail varnish I always go to when I want a hint of berry on my nails despite photographing slightly more red in the above shots.  Next is the oddball of the bunch and one i'm still not sure if i'm completely sold on but recently I keep finding myself learning towards the more taupe, violet, grey side of neutrals and Ciate Fade to Greige has been ticking all of those boxes, a nice alternative to a nude that looks lovely paired with a silver glitter topcoat and some jewellery to match. Last but by no means least we have the infamous Nails Inc Porchester Square, the most stunning nude polish on the market, with a perfect hint of grey this polish gives you that classic manicure without looking like you have mannequin hands that wash out your complexion and goes with every possible outfit under the sun.

What are you favourite nail polish shades for winter? We all know I will not be able to go 6 weeks without picking up a new shade or two so I would love to know some of your personal favourites are! 
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