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Friday 18 October 2013



If there are two fashion trends that have always got the better of me and forced me to the checkout till they are without doubt satchels and tartan. I have more satchels (handbags in general) than any human could possibly require and the fact shops are filled to the brim with tartan for autumn/winter  2013 is not helping my already borderline scottish fancy dress wardrobe. As a teen my fashion choices where debatable and I guess I fell into the emo, scene, goth, whatever category and based the majority of my fashion decisions around the things I saw on music channels such a Kerrang and at my local "alternative nightclub". One day not that far into my experimental teenage phase I got a bit tired of head to toe black and decided to branch out a little introduce colour and pattern, obviously picking tartan, one of the most recognisable prints from the entire punk movement. To this day I still love it and have never really fallen out of love with it so I am totally all over this 90s grunge revival and all the tartan thats comes with it, thank you fashion gods! 

Now that I have fully embarrassed myself and let you into a little insight of my teenage years lets get down to business and admire the beauty and craftsmanship that comes in the form of this tartan pocket satchel from the highly adored brand, The Cambridge Satchel Company. My heart jumped out of my chest a little when I saw this bag pop up in the ASOS sale a couple of weeks ago and couldn't pass by on the opportunity of finally getting my mitts on a Cambridge Satchel. For years magazines and bloggers alike have raved about this brand and their almost iconic satchels that I and many another human being had full on fallen for the hype. I am a sucker for a contemporary twist on a classic design and a little British heritage so I have had my beady eyes on one for what feels like a lifetime yet for some reason never committed to buying one despite buying one for a friend on a recent birthday. It is pretty obvious from reading the above as to why this specific colourway was the one for me and I could not be  any happy with the product. 

This specific 11inch tartan satchel is exclusive to ASOS and is still in stock although no longer in the sale if you fancy picking up one for yourself, retailing at £115 this is by no means a small gift to yourself but if you are like me a fan of quality and craftsman ship you will not be disappointed by this brand. Lets just pretend I didn't just come across the Vivienne Westwood Collaboration and instantly add another to my ever growing handbag wishlist. 
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  1. Awesome bag! I also have a thing for tartan. I just love the contrast between the red and black.

    Beauty Challenged

  2. lovely bag, tartan + satchel = perfect match x


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