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Saturday 28 September 2013



This is hands down my favourite DIY project I have ever shared on this blog, closely followed by the framed chevron pin boards that hang proudly in my living room! I recently purchased this beautiful vintage teacup and saucer and knew instantly that I wanted to give it a little more purpose in my home other than just a decorative item or tucked away in a cupboard. 

As I have seen quite a few teacup candles on the market recently I thought it would be super easy to turn my beloved teacup into one with no problem. I was right! It is so simple to make your own that I'm genuinely annoyed at myself for not making any of my own candles sooner. All you will need is a teacup of your choice, 500g unblended paraffin wax (makes roughly 3 candles), pre waxed candle wicks and some blu tac. Simply blue tac the candle wick into the centre of the teacup. Melt the wax beads using the double boiler method of heating a glass bowl over a pan of boiling water. Once the wax has fully melted simply pour the wax into the teacup and make sure to hold the wick to ensure an upright position. Leave to cool for roughly 3 hours. If you find that the wax has set and formed a well in the centre use a pin to make a few holes and melt some more wax and refill. This project is relatively purse friendly depending on the cost of your chosen teacups so I suggest you head down to your closest car boot and get hunting out some bargains. The rest of the items can be picked up in craft stores or on eBay as linked above. 

 I am already planning on picking up some more teacups so that I can experiment with colour and scents so watch this space. Family and friends beware, you are all probably going to be receiving teacup candles for christmas! 
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  1. I love DIY stuff like this I myself am doing some new DIY things for Fall too :) I will definitely do this myself too!! xx

  2. I've recently started making candles and would love to try this. They are so cute :)


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