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Tuesday 12 February 2013


The Weird & Wonderful is the home of taxidermy, antiques and oddities. It is also a website I stumbled across a couple of weeks ago and as soon as I saw the beautiful array of framed butterflies I just knew I had to own one. I am aware not everyone likes these types of items but I think that may be what makes them appeal to me? Anyway, when it came around to purchasing one I struggled to choose which specimen to buy but upon arrival I was instantly pleased with the item I chose. The blue tones in the Papilio Ulysses are absolutely stunning and adds a real pop of colour to any room. The shape, the shadow created, the price, I love it all. To the extent that I am already looking at purchasing another but I fear I may end up one of those people who's homes end up looking like a museum. Saying that, a tiny (huge) part of me wants the ex-medical human skull they have available here which would most certainly cross that line, maybe one day when I have a huge home to display all these oddities. 

The website stocks an array of weird and wonderful things including, antiques, collectables, antlers, birds, head mounts and more! Overall, I cannot recommend this company enough if you are looking for a quirky little addition to your home that will most certainly become a talking point between visitors. The name of the company says its all really!

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