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Friday 22 February 2013


My Mac collection is rather small compared to some I have seen on the blogosphere. Considering I received my first one on Christmas Day its pretty fare to say this is a small yet fast growing collection! 8 in roughly 2 months? Crazy. Especially when you take into consideration the fact that I only started wearing lipstick regularly about 6 months ago. Being a member of "Team Ginge" I was under the impression I was just too pale too pull off a bold lip, oh how wrong I was! Since conquering my irrational fear of lipstick I have fallen head over heels with them and a day doesn't go by where I don't apply a flash of colour to my lips. I tend to stick to nudes/pink shades still being a newbie to the land of lipstick but I recently added a few more red/purple toned lipsticks to the bunch. Of course no collection would be complete without a stunning red lipstick, after reading up on a few reviews I decided to go Ruby Woo, a stunning true red with some serious lasting power. Without doubt the my "Most Used Lipstick Award" has to go to Haute Altitude, a mid tone blue pink with an amplified finish. A perfect almost vintage pink that applies like a dream, lasts for hours and goes perfectly with any outfit! 

Mac has been my go-to brand for lipstick since that fateful Christmas morning and I don't think I will ever look back. From the simple bullet like design to the highly satisfying click when you pop the lid on there is nothing not to love. The shade selection is vast and possibly on of the largest I have ever seen.
Most of all the quality of these products, they apply like a dream and last for hours, especially when prepped with a lip pencil. I think the price point is accurate for this product and have easily paid more for products with a lot less colour pay off.  Mac lipsticks can be purchased directly from Mac stores/counters across the globe or online here on the Mac website for £14. 

What is your favourite Mac lipstick? Will any of the beauties be creeping their way into your collection? Feel free to leave any recommendations for my next undoubtable purchase!
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  1. I posted my MAC lipstick collection this week too :) I can't pick a favourite, I have too many! But I still want to add more to my collection! xo


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